Honor Fields

A New Fundraising Tool to Enhance Your Event or a Project in Itself

Discover a new way to fundraise while creating awareness and a sense of community for your cause. We help public and private groups honor their causes and support those who fought for our freedom. Build and promote an Honor Field at your next event.

Building Community With Your Honor Field

Honor in Your Cause

An Honor Field brings your community together to support your cause and those who protect our freedom everyday. We specialize in helping public and private groups raise funds for their causes and U.S. Veterans one sign at a time. Our team will help you design and construct your field from start to finish.

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Make A Difference With An Honor Sign

Honor in Your Life

Honor someone in your life. Our individual Honor Signs give you a special way to express gratitude, admiration and respect for your heroes and causes. We make it easy with templates and customizable options to design your Honor Sign the way you want it.

Building Honor For


Start a fundraising movement for our military members and veterans. They are our real-life heroes, and they deserve to be honored for their years of service protecting our nation.


It’s all about honoring your cause. Create a sense of community among your nonprofit’s supporters while raising funds to support your cause.


Bring more honor on campus. An honor field allows schools to raise awareness, support and funds during special events or school spirit weeks.


Support your community with an honor field as part of your company’s Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives.

Sports Team

Experience a new way to show honor for your team. From professional sports teams to little league championships, an Honor Field is a new way to fundraise for your program’s needs.

Build Honor Today

Start your process and build your Honor Field by calling (608) 780-5465 or submitting a contact form on our page.

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Building Honor in Our World

Join us in supporting veterans and their families

When you purchase an Honor Sign or create an Honor Field, we donate a portion of every Honor Sign to support veterans and their families.