How to Build An Honor Field?

Building an Honor Field is simple with our three step process. By following these guidelines, you will be able to easily plan, design and execute the creation of your Honor Field. To build your field, follow these three steps: 

Step One 

Determine the Size of Your Honor Field

The size of your Honor Field determines how many Honor Signs you can display. We recommend having at least 6 square feet between each sign so all signs can be seen and visitors can walk between signs. 

Step Two 

Decide on the Price of Your Signs

The amount your raise for your organization depends on the price you set per Honor Sign. Any price above our base pricing of $35 per honor sign goes directly to your fundraising efforts. 

Step Three

Design Your Honor Sign

We offer Honor Sign templates as well as fully customizable options for the development of your honor signs. 

Build Your Field

Ready to Build Your Honor Field?

Start your process and build your Honor Field by calling (855) 924-6667 or submitting a contact form on our page. 

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Building Honor in Our World

Join us in supporting veterans and their families

When you purchase an Honor Sign or create an Honor Field, we donate a portion of every Honor Sign to support veterans and their families.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are placing all of our Honor Field processes on hold until further notice. We are thinking of all those affected by or working to protect the safety of others during this time. If you have questions about creating a Honor Field for your next fundraising endeavor or event later this year, please call us at (855) 924-6667.