What are Honor Signs?

Honor Signs are 18” x 24” digitally-printed signs mounted on sturdy metal stands that can be purchased individually or used as part of a larger fundraising effort or event. A group of signs displayed together creates an Honor Field.

How much do Honor Signs cost?

The average selling price ranges from $50-$100. If the signs are used as a fundraiser, any amount above the base cost of $35 goes to your charity. In the case of a $50 Honor Sign, $15 would go directly to your chosen charity or for a $100 Honor Sign then $65 for each one sold.

I don’t quite understand the concept of an Honor Field…?

Honor Fields are a unique and easy way to raise funds for any organization or cause. They are a great substitute for traditional fundraising methods such as bake sales and raffles, and offer real recognition to a cause or organization. Honor Fields are a compelling and often moving site. A large number of individuals can be honored at one time with an Honor Field, yet the impact of a group of signs is dramatic and effective. People are drawn to wander through Honor Fields, and by doing so more fully engage with the spirit and intent of your event.

How exactly does the fundraising with Honor Signs work?

You can work with us to help set a price for selling your Honor Signs. The base cost is $35, so any amount above that goes to your charity. You put no money up front. Rather, your supporters purchase Honor Signs directly from your Project Page on our website, your event site, or a charity website.

How does the money raised get to my designated charity?

In Honor Of sends all proceeds above the $35 cost of the Honor Signs to the designated person or account at the time that the Honor Signs are shipped.

Is there a minimum size of an Honor Field?

No, your Field can be any size – whatever suits your organization! We suggest looking at our simple SNAP! 50-sign Honor Field as a starting point, then deciding if you wish to work smaller or larger. We can help you determine what size might fit best.

Are there discounted costs for larger Honor Field projects?

Our printing costs represent a flat fee per Honor Sign. Unfortunately, we cannot offer a discount for larger Honor Fields.

Can I purchase just one or two Honor Signs?

Yes! You can purchase individual Honor Signs in any quantity.

Creating Your Sign or Signs

How does one come up with a design for an Honor Sign?

You can provide finished artwork to us or we can help you develop a design. Typically, a charity logo is a good place to start.

Can I get help creating my Honor Sign?

Yes, we can help you create a design for your Honor Signs. We also have several stock designs from which to choose.

May I use my own artwork for an Honor Sign?

Yes, of course! We will work with you to create the perfect design using whatever artwork you like.

How long does it take to create a design and get the Honor Signs printed?

Design development depends, of course, on how much information can be provided at the outset. But plan on an average of 10-14 days to confirm a design. After this your organization will want several weeks to sell the signs, another week to review proofs, and two weeks for printing and shipping.

Are there templates or stock designs I can use?

Yes, we have several stock designs, or templates, from which you can choose.

Planning an Honor Field

How do I figure how many Honor Signs will fill my space?

The simple formula for figuring how many signs your available space will allow is to divide the total number of square feet by 6. For example, a 25’ x 50’ area has 1,250 square feet: divide 1,250 by 6 and you have 208 – an Honor Field with 208 Honor Signs!

What if I have an odd-sized area for the Honor Signs?

We can help you figure out approximately how many signs might fit. If you can estimate square footage of your space, great. If you have a plan, drawing, or aerial view of your space, even better!

How does one sell the Honor Signs?

Your organization is responsible for marketing and selling the signs. You can set up your own Project Page on InHonorOf.com which helps you promote and build your Honor Field. In Honor Of helps create, then prints and ships the signs to whatever destination you specify.

When is the typical deadline for Honor Sign sales?

We suggest closing sales three weeks prior to the event date or the date the Honor Signs are needed. This gives us time to create a proof, have it approved, print the signs and ship them.

How long do the Honor Signs take to be printed and shipped?

Please plan on a minimum of two weeks for printing and shipping once Honor Sign sales have closed and proofs are approved.

Setting up an Honor Field

How do I set up my Honor Field?

Your shipment of signs will come with stands and with an Honor Field Kit. This Kit includes two tent pegs (for setting your baseline), string, a sign level, a spacer block (for ensuring consistent height), an instruction sheet, and a copy of your Honor Field layout.

What will I need for this besides the Honor Signs and Kit?

Not much, but if the ground is very hard you may wish to bring along a hammer for the tent pegs.

How long will it take to set up my Honor Field?

That depends on its size, of course! But we estimate that a 50-sign SNAP! Honor Field would take two people no longer than an hour to set up.

Can an Honor Field be set up in advance?

Yes, the Honor Signs are very durable and are created to withstand the elements. Many organizations plan to set up the signs the afternoon or evening before their event.

What happens to the Honor Signs afterwards?

In almost all cases, the individual sign purchasers are given the Honor Signs to take home.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are placing all of our Honor Field processes on hold until 2021. We are thinking of all those affected by or working to protect the safety of others during this time. If you have questions about creating a Honor Field for your next fundraising endeavor or event in the new year, please call us at (608) 780-5465.